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Mike Lukens and Dal Slabaugh at Dreama

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Thanks a million to Mike Lukens for providing these service at Dreamapalooza. To think that this all started with a simple hose... Anyhow, Just to elaborate on a point that Mike made, Dal is coming with the van, so if you need body mount kits, or anything else at Dreamapalooza, call Dal now and he can put it on his cargo list. Mike Lukens can be contacted at mailto:[email protected] You might to drop him a line if you intend to use his services, so that he can come ready to meet the demand.

Thanks Mike! Check out Dreamapalooza 2001 at

-Mike Reily

Mike Lukens Wrote:

> Hi all....I have agreed to do three fixit items while at Dreamapalooza:
> Window fix
> Body Mounts
> AC drip hose
> I just wanted to let everyone know that I will have plenty of window rollers
> so you don't need to buy any kits....but you can pay me $4 per window for
> the
> rollers that I use. I can do the window fix anytime and anyplace but may
> require someone to hold an umbrella to keep the heat and sun off me.
> Please try to have your Body Mount kits with you. I will have probably one
> spare kit and Dal will be there with some....but I would prefer that you had
> your own. The cost of the kit is from $65 to $75 depending on current
> prices. I will probably do the Body Mount mod in the evening in the parking
> lot....after it cools down some.
> I will have the AC drip elbow in case some are missing off the cars and I
> will have plenty of hose....there is NO charge for this fix.
> IF there is a need for the odometer fix, I will have the necessary materials
> and equipment to do that one too.
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