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So the last time I posted this I couldn't stand to sell some of the stuff and had a few things to add. I'm ready to part with this stuff now, so*here you go all prices are plus shipping and all prices are obo. Thanks*

2 washer fluid res. 1 is painted black and could use touching up 40ea.
Proportioning valve w/ stealth bolt mods. 50
Master cylinder. 45
Abs unit. 40
Chromed Alt brace 30
Stock harmonic balancer/ crank pulley 40
9c1 oil cooler assembly (cooler, filter, block, lines). 100
9c1 filter block for oil cooler. 25
Oil filter/cooler lines 3/10 cond. 10
Stock caprice headlights. 40
Innovative wiring harness for t84 headlights. Needs 9006 plug that plugs into stock harness. 40
2 sets. 91-93 taillights. 80 a set
Misc 91-96 drk & lt blue int. Peices. Let me know what you need
2 94-96 blue steering wheels. One is 8/10, no nics missing a little paint around edge other is 6/10, 1-2 nics around edge missing some paint but not worn down no air bags. 100, 75
2 94-96 blue driver air bags. 60 ea
91-93 drk blue steering wheel 8/10. 100
91-93 drk blue driver air bag. 75
Pass air bag for 91-93. 75
5 sets of door pulls some with screw covers. Blue, maroon, grey 35-50
Woodgrain long door pull surrounds. 30 ea
Impala long door pull surrounds. 40 ea
Custom fiberglassed smooth 91-93 9C1 upper dash pad needs finishing work but good start. 100
Stock corner lights. 20
Pass cat 130k. 60
O2 simulators.*
2 Rear O2 sensors had for a year ran in car 3 months 20 ea
Corvette strait intake boot. 25
ImpalaSSStudio ram air setup. ( smooth intake boot, custom air box and filter) this is for his first style scoop but can be used with others. 160

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steering wheel

I will take the 8/10 blue steering wheel if it will fit a 94 9c1. What would shipping be to 50010?

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Thank you everyone for your interests. I will be taking pics and returning pms later after the sun comes up and I can get some good pics.
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