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Let's say I was to use the GM 845 cam, get a mild port done on my stock iron heads, put in some 1.6RR's, along with the CM valvesprings I have... with my SSRI and stock headers + summit turbos, what kinda HP/TQ figures do you think I might be looking at?
Should I keep totally stock heads, get some Lloyd Elliot heads, or have mine ported?

I drive my car every day, and I know I'll see a noticeable decrease in gas mileage, but the need for speed is really getting to me lately.

I have an open differential with 3.08's so as you can see I'm not really looking to improve 1/4 mile or anything, since I don't go to the track. I just want to get a pretty big boost in power, while not spending way too much.

*edit: I'll be getting Tri-Y's sometime in the next year, I'm sure. I know I'll need them.

Thanks, everyone!
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