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I just got my wife a conversion van and we wont be using the Olds for the family anymore.I want to insure the Olds CC with a Co. that insures CUSTOM/MODIFIEDS. Anyone have their wagons insured w/a company like that?

Also,anyone know of a Conversion Van forum?

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I've never heard of such a thing, except for 'parade cars', which must basically be garage queens who only come out for parades and shows and the like. Since they are used so rarely the insurance is cheap. Have you asked your insurance co. about it? They might work a deal if you agree to certain terms like the 'parade' policies. But that means if you have a wreck while out on the town one night, you're screwed.

Folks who use their customs on a daily/weekly basis do not usually try to get insurance based on the actual value of their cars. If I tried to get insurance on my Miata based on the work that's gone into the engine, they'd: 1) laugh me out the door for claiming my 6 yr old car is worth $20K, and 2) charge me a freakin' fortune for insurance since the replacement cost is so high.

Good Luck!


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cc rider,I have had my 1980 Malibu wagon and the Olds CC,appraised by a Pa. lic. appraiser.He appraises classic,antiques,collectable,hotrods and modifieds etc.It is a 5 page report w/color pictures,you use it to put a "agreed value"on the car with your Ins. Company.It also comes in handy,if someone hits you and their Ins. Co. is resposable for paying you.They dont have to pay your "agreed value"that you have w/your Ins. Company.But if you have a appraisal like this in hand,at the time of damage,it will help you get the value of the vehicle.It holds up in court.
I have the Malibu insured w/one company,but they wouldnt take the Olds.The underwritters did'nt think it was modified enough.That doesnt make sense to me,because it has basically the same mods as the Malibu.
Grundy Ins. sent me a packet yesterday,to fill out and send to their underwritters.

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I was running into the same problems when I registered my GMC as a NJ Collector Vehicle. I finally found a guy to insure it in Ohio I believe it was. I can get the info if you need it still. They wouldn't insure my 71 Suburban though because it was a "wagon" so I'm not sure how it would work with the Olds...

Had no luck with Grundy because of the milage on the vehicle, same with American Hobbyist, Hagerty, JC Taylor, Condon & Skelly & American Collectors Ins...

Never thought I would have such a problem with someone taking my money before...

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Here is the direct contact info for the company that insure's my 91 GMC.

Classic Automobile Insurance Agency
8481 Bash Street
Suite 1300
Indianapolis, IN 46250

Phone: 1-800-397-0765
Fax: 317-576-1899
Email: [email protected]

With an agreed value of $6500.00, a $500 deductible and a milage limitation of 3000 miles per year, my premium is $140.00 plus $100/300/100k Liability & $100/300K Unisured Motorist adding another $113.00, this brings my total 12 month premium to $253.00/year.

With the completed application, they will require 4 shots of the exterior(front, rear & both sides) along with an interior shot and engine shot for modified vehicles. They also will require a copy of the current declaration page(s) from your daily driver's insurance policy along with payment in full for policy(12 month policy).

Like I said, they wouldn't insure my 71' Suburban because they didn't deem it as a collectible vehicle(titled as a wagon, go figure!) even though it is considered an antique and the 67-72 Chevy trucks are considered "classics" now.

Anyway, hope this helps and good luck!!!
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