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A vehicle in long-term storage will have to have those DampRid containers changed out several times, and probably still not help. I also suffer from moisture issues in our shop during the winter, and enjoyed some mold growth on the surfaces your skin touches in several of our cars we keep there. I finally resorted to these:

And it significantly cut down on the mold growth and 'funky smell' one gets in cars that are stored for long periods of time in moist environments. I've pretty much quit using DampRid. The rods come in three links, although I've only found the 18" ones to be easy to find online. They still work well in 4-door cars (including a 68 Cadillac) and extended cab trucks.

If you don't have access to electricity, then DampRid and cleaning the seating surfaces _before_ the car goes into storage are about your only choice. If you have a power source in your storage area, then these rods work well.
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