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I recently installed the Boxy(aka "stiff") Bilsteins and the Boxy 9c1 Springs on my 9c1. I cut 1 coil off the front springs because I was dumb enough not to reread the Mueller article that says 1/2 coil. Anyway, my 9c1 front is riding pretty low, like ~27" compared to 28.5" in the rear. I would like to replace them and have a ride height in the front at least 28" and if it's 28.5", that's fine too. I read the old posts and looks like I can just get some new Boxy springs or the Moog CC507s. The tie-rods and centerlink have been replaced along with BMR Rear LCAs. I will be replacing the rest of the frontend along with whatever springs you guys recommend. Other future mods will include swaybars down the road too. Which would be the better spring for my daily driven 9c1 that doesn't see racing but is driven hard? I would like to have a neutral to slight oversteer balance. Thanks for the advice
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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