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I had my mechanic check on a few Moog parts,
Can't remember all the prices, but the one that stands out was the idler arm. I had a listing from some one on the forum that had $23.?? but I got a price of 43.?? My mechanic gets these parts for me at his cost, so the parts s tore is gouging him.
Where can I get good prices.

'94 SS

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For the front end you want to get the inner and outer tie rods, center link, idler arm and adjuster sleves. There will of course be two each of the different tie rods. I paid about $200 for my parts a year ago. These at the time were the listed Caprice replacement parts with the T added to the end. I understand Moog is in the process of moving all their product to one line since all of them work anyhow and call them their "enhanced" line which will be the same part for truck or car. Be aware though that for any stock they still have the car parts for you will have to make sure they sell you the enhanced or truck part since they will still sell the car parts until they run out.
The ball joints cost me around $200 for all 4 about 2 years ago. If you do the ball joints it may also be a good time to do the A arm bushings as well. And would be a good time to consider doing any spring and shock changes you want to do since the labor will be very simular to complete them all.

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These are the "jobber" prices for Moog parts as of March 2000. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a price increase now in effect.

For items that are available as standard & "T" versions, only the "T" part is listed. Only the HD bushings are listed, also.

Note that Moog "M2 Technology" and "T" components have the same improvements. Some TRW parts, such as center links and tie rods, have common part numbers with Moog, though they are not necessarily the SAME parts, construction-wise.

There are "rumors" that Moog will eventually go away--both Moog and TRW are owned by Federal Mogul, so you never know what may happen in the future. I find it hard to believe that Moog would drop out, considering the name recognition and presence on the front fender of every Winston Cup car, with lots of TV exposure.

All prices below are each.

P/N Description Price
K6187T Idler arm HD Problem Solver $23.45

K5208 Upper ball joint $15.93

K6145T Lower ball joint, 9/16" $19.06
(stock Impala)

K6141T Lower ball joint, 5/8" $23.60
(HD upgrade)

K6210 Upper control arm offset $36.38
shaft kit (1/side)
Includes K6198 "stock" bushing (use K6409 instead)

K6409 Upper control arm bushing HD $28.94
(kit, 4 pcs) (1/car)

K6419 Lower control arm bushing HD $37.49
(kit, 4 pcs) (1/car)

DS899 Center link, standard $63.42 Caprice/ImpalaSS(no strng stabilizer)

DS1405 Center link, Buick with strng $83.45 stabilizer (for TSB upgrade)

ES2019RLT Tie rod, Inner HD $19.80

ES2020RLT Tie rod, Outer HD $18.34

ES2004S Adjuster sleeve, tie rod $ 8.29

I hope this is helpful!

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I just replaced my idler arm with the Moog part, man what a difference. The $43 price is retail, but managed to get mine locally for $26. I installed it myself, and was not hard to do. Best $26 I ever spent.

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Thanks for the Discount Autoparts connection.
These guys are great. Ordered my parts and they were at my door 2 days later, with no gouging for shipping. there prices are actually lower than the jobber price list that Navy Lifer posted. I would definately check them out.


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Just finished my front end replacment with the following MOOG parts:

Problem Solver Idler Arm
Problem Solver Lower Ball Joints
Upper Ball Joints
Problem Solver Tie rods
Tie rod sleeves
Upper control arm bushings
Lower control arm bushings
Problem solver Sway bar links

The parts total was $300, including shipping. I bought all my parts from discountautoparts. If you can't find the parts from their website call them up. I did all the work myself except I paid a local shop $60 to have the upper and lower control arm bushings and lower ball joints installed.

Since I was installing the Eibach springs I decided to do the replacement even though only my upper control arm bushings were bad. If figured I could be replacing everything in a year and half so I might as well do it now.

The car is totally different. Handles like a dream.
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