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Whats the difference between the Moog "problem Solver" suspension parts and the regular moog suspension parts... Are the "problem Solvers" a beefier brand??

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"Problem Solver" is a Moog marketing slogan. The name has been used to distinguish some of their upgraded components, mostly, from my observation, replacement control arm bushings. Some ball joints and idler arms have the slogan stamped on the bearing end plate, but generally it is not indicative of anything special--for example, there is only one Moog-boxed idler arm P/N for the B-body, and it does say "Problem Solver". Moog has also come out with parts since that are made with their "M2" technology--whatever that is.

Moog still has not updated the replacement parts for the B-body to the "low-friction" design (ball joints, idlers, tie rods, center links) that is now available from GM via the ACDelco line--parts are from Dana/Spicer, but I guess the M2 design is a stab at that. The problem is not know which parts are "M2" and which aren't.

If you are using Moog parts, the items that are called out in the catalog for the B-body that are identified as "Problem Solver" or "enhanced" are:

K6141T 5/8" lower ball joint (late 95-96 police)

K6145T 9/16" lower ball joint (stock Impala)

K6187T idler arm

K6210 Offset shaft kit for upper control arm (comes with K6198 bushings)

K6409 Upper control arm bushing kit (standard is K6198) one K6409 kit contains 4 bushings

K6419 Lower control arm bushing kit (standard is K6109) one K6419 kit contains 4 bushings

K6426 Sway bar end link kit

ES2019RLT/ES2020RLT tie rod(s)

"Enhanced" items are those with the "T" at the end of the P/N, and for the most part, Moog now provides ONLY the T version of any item that used to be cataloged with both designations--ie. K6187 idler arm is no longer in the catalog--all are now K6187T.

So, in a sense, yes, "Problem Solver" does give some indication that an item is the preferred one to use if you are using Moog.
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