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MSD Opti spark

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Should i get a MSD opti or is the gm opti fine. Im in the process of building a all forged 383 and was wondering if the msd opti was worth the money. Thanks in advance
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The general consensus is that they're overpriced and may in fact not be as good as the genuine gm part. I can say from personal experience that the summit/accel unit is junk. Thepartsladi carries real gl optis for about the best price around.

I don't know how high you intend to spin your 383, but even the gm unit can break it's rotor. I ended up going the ltcc/distributorless route and haven't looked back.

Good luck with your build!
I'm running the MSD billet opti. This thing was $500+ shipping. I think it's a nice unit and it looks GREAT. I do NOT like the adjustable timing feature. Come on, it's 2009 now. If I need to adjust my timing I will do it through the PCM.

I have heard stories of the MSD unit changing the timing unintentionally. It has a screw that allows you to adjust the timing and sometimes, according to what I have heard, it can back out. I cannot say whether this is true or not as my unit has about 78.3 miles on it.
Thanks for the quick responses. Did you notice any performance difference?
For a little more you can afford the LTCC setup with ls1 coil packs. Never have another issue with spark. I say save up for a few more weeks and do that. :)
Go with the LTCC. MSD is having quality issues lately and they are not standing behind their products like they used to. In the past I have used MSD ignition boxes, coils, and wires with no issues. Recently I purchased a msd cap and rotor for the LT1. After installing it I got a fire storm coming from the back of the unit on the drivers side. It was grounding to the block and running like crap. I replaced it with a delphi unit from thepartsladi and no more problems.

The parts store would not refund me because of MSD policies stating that they will only deal with the end user, if the store refunded me MSD would leave them in the cold and make them eat it. I contacted MSD and was offered a replacement, I explained that I was not able to wait and already purchased a new unit. MSD told me the only option was a replacement so now I will probably end up with a expensive paper weight.

Point is MSD is having quality control issues (can we say made in china) and declining customer service. If I could start over I would go with the LTCC or other opti delete option. Even on my stock engine, but especially on a built one.

Good luck!! and have fun with it.
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Most of the guys who buy the MSD full distributor end up having trouble with it.

IMO reuse your existing base and put an MSD cap and rotor on it.
what is the LTCC setup with ls1 coil packs and who sells it
Thanks everyone. I will not be getting the msd. Where is the best place to get the LTCC setup? About how much do they run? Has anyone noticed a performance gain with the LTCC? i know it wont make more horsepower but was the throttle response much better?
I can say from personal experience that the summit/accel unit is junk. quote]

I'll second this.

My buddy ordered one(accel from jegs) and we couldn't get the opti harness to plug in because the pins were offset so bad
Forged 383,I would go LTCC all the way.

In reference to the msd opti,I bought the whole unit almost 3 1/2 years ago and have not had any trouble with it. I drive the mess out of my car here in houston,I have around 30k on that opti (plenty of races and tripple digits) not one hickup...

SIDE NOTE:I also clean my engine at least 3 times a month and never have had any water issues with the msd opti......
It's about 400 for the box and wire harness, you will still need to find a set of coil packs (cheap in the junk yards or craigslist) and a way to mount them (most make or buy brackets for the valve cover). Here is the website it contains all the info you need to get one up and running...good luck and let us know how it goes.
Thanks for the quick responses. Did you notice any performance difference?
Yes, I gained 140 RWHP.

However, I installed the opti along with a cam, AFR LT4 heads, added 33 cubic inches, roller rockers, and more boost. Hope this helps.
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