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Mufflers required for roadracing at NCM track

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Some of you have heard already heard about the noise restriction issue / lawsuit threats by property owners near the NCM Motorsports track.

I was there this past Sunday running my car. Even though I had cleared about running open exhaust beforehand with 10/10th's Motorsports, the Cincinnati group that rented the track for the weekend, the issue between the track and adjacent property owners has really heated up.
I was shut down after the first track session. They have sound measuring instruments set up a couple of locations around the track, and my car was WAY beyond their 100 db proposed limit.

Bottom line, don't even try running open exhaust there anymore. You'll be done after your first lap. And even if you do get that one lap in, you're risking putting both ISSCA and the NCM track in a bad position.
So, lets all play nice and appease those weenie neighbors, so we can enjoy that facility again in the future.

I also posted this in the Impala SS/B-Body Racing section.
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Thanks, Pat. Appreciate the heads up.
While the hell don't somebody build a race track in my neighborhood ?
I'd be like "HELL YEAH!!!!".....long as I get a great view from the back porch or free admission. :)
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