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My 96 Impala was stolen in Dallas!

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Hi All,

I am a pretty new member and I wish my first non intro post would more positive than this but I need to get the word out there. My 96 Black Impala was stolen from the street outside of my apartment between 6pm CST on 10/4/16 and 7am on 10/5/16. I live in Dallas Texas in the Deep Ellum neighborhood. For those of you who are not familiar with the area it was pretty shady 5 or so years ago but has been slowly getting better and better. There have been an influx of small businesses that are bringing new life to the neighborhood and cleaning it up but it still has it's issues especially in the surrounding areas. I figured that might bring some context to my current situation.

I need to talk to some people who can empathize with me since every person I've told doesn't understand why I'm worried about such an "old" car being stolen and that I should be happy because I can get a new car. They don't understand the emotional investment we put into our cars. I've been working on that car for the past 5 years and finally was coming around the corner to start doing some cool stuff to it. I literally had a quote in hand from Clear Image for new headers and exhaust and a shopping cart full of goodies from streettrends then this happened. Man, I'm so bummed out right now.

I filed a police report with Dallas PD and the case just got turned over to a case worker this morning but I am not really confident they will do much investigating on the case. The case worker told me that it's listed in a national database and if its found she will be notified. I guess joy riding is the main reason cars get jacked so all I can do is hope that is the case and it eventually turns up with not a huge amount of damage. There was no broken glass around the area it was parked and I still don't really understand how they could have hotwired it since there is a chip in our key. I bypassed the pass key so that might have made it easier. I think they had a tow truck and just scooped it really quick which would minimize the likelihood of it being found without too much damage. I'm trying to get the word out there as much as I can and am going around to businesses in the area today to see if they will let me look at their cameras. Trying to get on my Nancy Drew grind and stay positive. I'm definitely regretting not having theft insurance on her and pretty amazed that Dallas PD is just waiting to see if it pops up.

Thanks for reading, anybody in the Dallas area please keep an eye out for a black Impala with tinted windows, faded paint on the bumpers, stock wheels, red Willwood brakes and a "Feel the Bern" bumper sticker on the rear bumper on the driver's side. License plate is a Texas plate: GBM7309.

Call my cell or the Dallas PD if you find it. (781) 799-0021

$1,000 cash to whoever calls with a tip that leads to me seeing my baby again. Also, any theft stories whether positive or negative would be greatly appreciated. I'm not sure why but I feel like they will help me know what to expect.

Still holding out hope and thinking positive.

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Well, they found her yesterday afternoon completely stripped. I guess they got the bumpers, brakes, wheels, seats, etc so it's a total loss. It is at the Dallas Auto Pound now, I put in a request to have it processed for prints but I doubt they will find anything. It was found on the 900 block of Fletcher St and funny enough there is about 11 Auto shops right in that area basically a stones throw away from where it was found. I asked if any of them would be questioned and was told no. This sucks guys, I hope none of you have to go through this. Be sure to get theft insurance and if possible Lo Jack. Best part about it is I get to pay to have it released from the pound and for the tow. Keeps getting better and better.

Until next time folks...

I hope they find prints, unless they find prints not allot of resources are going into your case.

If you have the motivation, go to every business the car, or truck towing the car, would have passed on that road and ask if you can see there video for the date/time 24 hours around when it was found.

It's tedious and time consuming, but sometimes it pays off. Maybe something of value was recorded.

If you get another vehicle, you can do Lo-jack but there are other gadgets out there that can track your car, disable the ignition and more.

Look into it.

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You need a GPS tracker that you can attach to the car. Make sure it is hooked to the system to keep its battery charged. Then you can locate it no matter what for at least a few days, maybe a couple of weeks. The PIs use them and they are effective. If someone wants to take your car, there is not much you can do to stop the removal, but if you can locate it, you can catch the culprits. The police will be interested in finding the location easily. You might even get your parts back with that method.
For the time being check craigslist for your parts.
Well, glad it was found. Once you look it over, if you were covered you may recoup parts with buyback. At the very least you can move along not wondering anymore. I'll be looking into that Lo-Jack or other quality system.
The good news- You got it back.......The bad news-The a-holes stripped it. Sorry for your loss
having special insurance for the vehicle is required not standard auto insurance.

the insurance company will give you maybe $1000 if that ..
most times these get in accident and the vehicle is totaled and the insurance company will not pay for repairs since they value it so low.

being in an area of all those auto shops I would make like you need some body work , and check to see if they have an impala sitting that needs some of the parts they took.

If you see parts that were on your vehicle , go to police and report this and go back with cops to document the stolen parts.
So sorry to hear they found her but stripped of parts. They should give you whatever the book value is plus the cost of your items listed in the report unless you had some type of replacement insurance. Just really sux this happened but at least you have some closure and aren't left wondering.

For future reference and along the lines of what fred mentioned, you can make yourself a "poor mans" lojak. Just get a pay as you use Cell phone that does not require a plan. Have the phone connected somewhere in the car to keep charged and have it set to Auto Answer with the ringer turned off. If the car is stolen, you just call that phone which should answer without the thieves knowing and then the authorities can triangulate the Phone Signal and possibly locate the car.
Sad Story

Very sad to hear. I can't believe you have to pay to get it out of the impound.
having special insurance for the vehicle is required not standard auto insurance.

the insurance company will give you maybe $1000 if that ..
most times these get in accident and the vehicle is totaled and the insurance company will not pay for repairs since they value it so low.

I don't want to derail the thread, but not getting the 'special' aspect J. I was just offering that depending on whether he has(had) just liability or full coverage he may be able to recoup the nice mods the thieves left on (plus anything else he can part out) with just a cheap offer for buyback from his carrier. With receipts for those mods I would think he'd get more than just $1,000 for his 117,XXX ride.
I definitely learned my lesson about rolling the dice on insurance and security. I just got back from Cincinnati this morning. Found a 96 Impala with 45k miles in Dark Cherry Metallic so I hopped on a flight and scooped it up. Drove it all the way back to Dallas. It runs beautiful and is in stellar condition. Needed a to get back behind the wheel of an Impala to numb the pain a bit. Definitely going to be stalking craigslist and taking a peak around that area for random Impala parts to see if I can do my own cop work. Now I'm paranoid parking it anywhere near my apartment even inside the gate! I need an alarm quick. I made sure I put on comprehensive insurance today so I am covered from that standpoint.

I will post some pictures of the new ride soon. Thanks again for the support everyone!
I put an aftermarket steering wheel my car with a quick release. It is a good anti-theft device. I can take my steering wheel with me no matter where I park the car. It makes the thief check out easier scores. They are hard to drive without the steering wheel.

If you want the "how to" for the best results, I have done all of the homework.

Just the tip of the iceberg.

In short, real time gps, turn off ignition, can remote in and listen to conversions with the units that come with mics... Anything is possible and it's very very affordable.

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