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Well. It is time. I have had this car since I was 16, so over 10 years and I love her so. Unfortunately life goes on and I am unable to keep her going. With three cars, I have to get rid of the one.

She has just over 150,000 on her LO3, which unfortunately has started to fade alittle. Tranny was rebulilt around 110k and is still buttery smooth. Car has 2 Twelve Kicker subs with a Sound Ordinance amp, and Alpine reciever, and it sounds glorious still. Everything works minus the speedo which went out approx 5k ago, and the oil pressure sensor.

I can't believe I have to sell her but, if I have to I know this is the place where she will find new life and respect. Give me a call if you have any questions. 253-213-8790 The car is in Tacoma, WA. Asking for $4000



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