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My can of worms....

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Started working on replacing the PS pump today. Got something else to drive, so I'm really glad I can take my time. Been getting worse over time with increasing noise that could imitate a Ford. Tensioner, belt, and crank pulley/balancer are either recent, new, or looks good. Soooooo.....

Wagon has ~160k on it.

I will post pics, just not tonight.

I have to figure out how to get the pressure line off the back of the pump tomorrow, but the pump is loose and so far so good.

The can of worms factor is that I can't resist making things at least a little better.

I've always wanted a faster ratio, and I think I paid a good price for a used steering gear. The gear on the wagon is a reman the PO had installed. So why not put in a better gear while I'm replacing the pump, and new lines (of course). Oh, and if I'm going that far then I should do the Jeep Cherokee intermediate shaft too, there's bound to be one in a yard around here, or maybe I can find a new replacement one. I'm due for tires & allign so why not.

Got the air pump out of the way for now, will probably leave it off since it's been unplugged for so long and keep it just in case.

Hey, ya know, this is the perfect time to fix the corrosion/rust that the battery acid has caused (note to self, have the alternator checked to make sure it's not over charging because the last battery (dead cell) seemed to be pushing out acid too). Even though it's a decent battery, can't remember the brand right now, maybe I should just get a DieHard or something.... The new battery tray I put in back when is still in good shape, but will get another coat of that rust inhibiting paint along with the whole inner fender/core support area.

I see the lower heater hose is just a little more swollen than average, seeing as how I already drained the system I might as well get new hoses, T, and restrictor and rinse out the heater core. Heck, why not pull the knock sensors again for good measure.

There might be a couple more things, but that's all I got for now. Wish me continued good luck, progress, and hope I get it back on the road by the end of the year....
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I have made a bunch of mistakes but learned a ton on my little rebuild journey. Things that you and Gerry probably would not have done because you knew better. Yea, I am over a year behind on when I thought I would be done but then again, I have done a lot more than I thought I was capable of. Go ahead and do it!! Only a dozen bolts the the body comes right off - who would have thought?? Seems easy enough.

BTW, if you think you don't have enough room now, wait until the body is beside the frame indstead of under it. Now that my home remodel is done, I have taken over my daughters old bedroom for a parts storage area. At least everything is all in one area, now I just need to figure out where everything goes.

As for the PS pump, good luck. They are a pain - especially when it is the original.

What ever you decide, good luck - but deep down inside you know you to. For inspiration you can see my thread below:


I KNOW! I don't live very far from Tom, can't remember his screen name, but he started a "weekend" project and his frame-off has gone for years now. You know how it goes, "might as well do it right while I'm here" disease - ism - whatever you want to call it. If I'm not careful it could be contagious.

Now that I think about it, Gerry really isn't that far away either. I better be super careful or I'll be talking about getting my wagon back on the road before the end of NEXT year.
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