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Here's some of the best stuff I picked up at the U-Pullit recently....
Factory snap in mats...

Caddy-TBI intake mod parts...

Front leather seats....

Rear leather seats

Primo carpet set...

Grand Prix console and shifter with D.I.C. (Driver Information Center)

It's going to be a busy winter....

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Originally posted by 95RoadMonsterWagon:
Russ! you found the seats i was looking for....
I snagged them fast when I was told that they were there.
I plan to cut down the driver like you did and use it as a bucket seat.
I also saw an AWESOME set of seats and console in an '89 Grand Prix. grey front and rear buckets with rear console. The power seat controls were built into the center console.
It would be a sweet setup in a sedan. They might even work in a wagon because it looks like the rear seats were meant to fold down!
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