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The Sonnax input housing reinforcement sleeve can only be used with an aluminum o-run piston. Aluminum o-run piston should only be used with aluminum forward, not stamped steel. OE aluminum forward breaks, thus our billet forward brings max durability.


I have actually used a steel forward piston with an aluminum overrun many times. You just have to know how to do it.

If the overrun comes on by itself it will blow the seal. But in practice that never happens :)

I have done this probably 15 times all working well. Once again things that shouldent work do.

Tad, I would purchase a new sprag housing and install another BW dual cage sprag. THose units hold up in 800 hp cars and are very strong. You just have a fluke there.

When your racing you can keep it in drive if you want. THat will take a few PSI off the main line going to the 3/4 clutch but it wil keep the overruns on and will effectively support the sprag.

Get rid of the alto commercial clutches and go with the raybestos Blue plate frictions. The thin ones.

You can fit 10 in there with the thin steels and thin frictions. Dont let them get hot and they wont warp. Set clearance to .015.
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