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Well here it is. I am finally getting a start on my wagon. I had a few other projects in the way and now it is time. I bought this thing over a year ago. When I first got it it only had 2nd and reverse. Hence the burn out in the video in reverse. It was a fairly rough car when I bought it and still has a long way to go.
Body Work
Reverse Burnout

Here are some pics of when I first got it.

Now after I tear some things apart look what I found. I believe that it was hit on the passenger side or maybe even smashed with a wrecking ball and then filled with bondo and painted over so anyone with a good pass side front and rear and fender near AR LMK
. And I have found 5 different colors of paint on this car but I think it started as white with wood grain. I found of course the white, yellow, orange, blue, and brown. So I do have a little work ahead of me.

And this is a pic of what I am shooting for on the "good" side. You can't see the SS grill very well though. But LMK if you have any suggestion or concerns. THANKS


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Originally posted by shaggunwagun:
Hahahaha. I have to admit that is good. If someone were to do that now they would be severly hurt.
Why? You got a big goiter hood scoop sticking out now? ;)

Nice colors - can't wait to see it done!

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I don't know exactly what they are out of. I assumed they were original bu tI haven't looked that much into it. It has the plastic floors too. It used to have a light on top for a shuttle or taxi lol
But the bottom color on it is the white and wood and I have never seen a white and wood taxi before but I may be wrong. I hope to put four SS fronts in it if I can find some close. Does anyone know if the doors on a Caprice are the same as the wagon? If so that would be awesome but I am unsure. Thanks for the input guys and I dig the two tone white and black but I haven't decided what paint to go with.
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