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Greetings all,
Am new to the forum and this is my first post.
Have read quite abit and find it all very interesting and informative, thanks.
Have seen reference in previous posts to a couple of shift mods and would like to request more information.
I've searched and searched the forum but just can't find the dirt.
The first is that homebuilt resistor type electronic shift improver thingie.
The second is a mod hinted at that involves using manifold vacume to regulate shift firmness?
I am not a mechanic, more of an idiot hacker really, so patient and detailed direction is sorely needed.

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To find info on the resistor mod search " 5.5 ohm " this should bring up the post I used as directions for this mod. It is basically a $5 homemade version of the $40 B+M Shift Plus or the $120 JET shift improver. I believe the other mod is more programming than a hardware mod.

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Don't waste your time or money on an 'enhancer'.

If you want to improve the shift firmness of your transmission you have two good choices:

Electronically: reprogram the PCM. This can be done several ways - Ed Wright or similar service, or LT1 edit, Hypertech, or similar programming device to raise your shift pressures.

Mechanically: Install a shift kit. Time consuming but not difficult (don't let all them little balls in the valve body intimidate you - instructions show exactly where they go). There are several kits available but it seems the preferred kit is Transgo. I put one in mine and (when done correctly) love it. It provides a couple levels of shift firmness based on shims and washers that you do or don't intall.

There are folks that don't believe in shift kits and choose PCM tuning (Randy - I WAS listening!) No muss, no fuss, and easily restored to OEM values. There are others that go the other way, as I did with a kit.

Regardless - don't do both. Mechanically tweaking the pressures via kit goodies, etc. AND PCM tuning can blow the servo out the side of tranny in a heartbeat - or worse things.


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Roger that.

Following the "B&M electronic shiftimprover+" thread and am learning more about it.

Problem is just spent $1400 on a rebuild w/12mo 12000mile warranty and the WOT 1-2 upshift SUCKS...just kinda waits a second and then shifts real easy.

Wanting to improve w/out voiding warranty or spending another grand or two.

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