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National 2010

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Working hard to make this year after many years in the making.
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this is a real nice car gotta love the time and $$$ into all the details wish we can get more pics
I will be posting as I go, working Full time on this project as my goal is to bring it to the nationals.
Sweet ride.glad your not in my class.I might as well stay home.WoW is right!!!

is there anything to be said ?
Very, VERY clean!
Car is looking good Richard.

Maybe you, my father and whoever else from South Florida can convoy over together.

idk if you guys are futher north or south of tampa but we can definatly meet up and cruise to nats togather!
Were in southeast florida. The OP is in Miami and my father and I are in Ft lauderdale.

A convoy should definitely be in the works, will make for great photo ops.
I will be leaving the wend before the nats.the wife is riding along so will have to stop overnight somewhere.I think JW in WPB is leaving wed also.
the more people post in this thread the happyer i get (no ****) but seeing that people willing to take long rides. im always down for a road trip :D
1 - 20 of 65 Posts
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