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National 2010

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Working hard to make this year after many years in the making.
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While sad about the nationals I'm re leaved because I'm still far behind on Miami Bass. I will continue to work on the project as I'm looking forward to the spring. Hope to see you guys at SSHS10.
If it doesnt work out, WESST COASST Gathering 6 is the week before in VEGAS!! We'd like to see anyone who would like to take part in the West Coasst's tradition.

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Back in action

Gas tank is in

Cooling system is in

More to come........
I dont have words to tell you how sweet this car is!!! are you sitting on 20's & how many gollans does your tank hold, and will this be a driver or a trailer queen??? love the gas & air tank setup this car is cwm8
Yes she sits on 20's and the tank holds 10 Gal, allot more than what I need to roll in and out of the trailer, yes she is a trailer queen, she alergic to dirt and water.....lolcwm1
"TeamSS" your car is a inspiration! And yeah that sucks about the show, I was amp'd to find out it was going to be in my backyard (i.e 45 minutes away).
cwm3 holy crap..... i hate my car now......
Months later and still working hard at it;
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Months later and still working hard at it;
Simply beautiful!! Are those completely made out of glass??

those door panels are FLY!!!!
I'm SSpeachless bro's, that is ART!!!!
jealousy is raging right now. those are BEAUTFUL
I want I need info on these door panels!!!! Lol or ill be sending I mine to be reworked ;-)
I want I need info on these door panels!!!! Lol or ill be sending I mine to be reworked ;-)
Easy, 2 months of work, wood,glass,bondo,billet,paint and vynil.

Rear deck coming ssoon!!!!!
quick question ?

i was looking very close to your door panels and was wondering
wat happened to the door leavers ?
look a bit closer and see the push button :)

That sh*t is gangsta.
I thought those were the window switches !
Now Wat about the window switches ?
41 - 60 of 65 Posts
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