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My apologies to all... My latest Nats mailer had the wrong schedule. The correct schedule of events is:

Tuesday August 14th – Check in at Host Hotel.

Wednesday August 15th – Test your reflexes and challenge the cones in Autocross – by day and Drag race at night under the lights at Milan Dragway.

Thursday August 16th – Road Rally Solo 1 at Waterford Hills (site of many Car & Driver Road Tests of the past).

Friday August 17th – Car Show, Sound Off at Lake St. Clair Metopark’s East Beach.

Saturday August 18th – Cruise Woodward, with “home base” being a reserved parking lot with unlimited “in and out” so you can cruise ‘till you drop! See MISSL Site for info on this great opportunity. We can shine, cruise, bench race, and relax in style in the middle of one big cruise event.

Ed Bowser
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