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Need help find parts

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Good morning. I have a 96 Chevy Caprice that needs electric windows put in. Does someone know a good conversion kits?
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You have a 96 Caprice with manual roll-up windows?
I don’t have the electric seats. How much for all the things you have or can get.
Where are you located and what color is your car?

It might make sense to just replace the doors whole.
My car is white but going to be painted black an pink
I'd just buy a cheap donor car or go to junkyard pull the needed harnesses,especially if you have a rust free car.

Yes,manual windows means no extra cost option group.Pretty rare,especially on 96 civi Caprice.
Good luck with the build!
Thank you
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In that case, it sounds like it doesn't matter what color the door is. That will be your cheapest and easiest option.

You could grab doors from a junkyard, or I could ship you some doors.

Then, you can turn around and sell your current doors to get some of your money back.
How much
I can ship a complete door with glass and everything for like $150 altogether.

Shipping 4 doors will be pricey. They will be cheap if you get them yourself at a junkyard.

I can definitely sell you the wiring harness and the new motors/regulators, though.
Where are you located?
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