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Need help find parts

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Good morning. I have a 96 Chevy Caprice that needs electric windows put in. Does someone know a good conversion kits?
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Yes,manual windows means no extra cost option group.Pretty rare,especially on 96 civi Caprice.
Rare indeed. I wonder if it's a 9C1 (or 9C6?). There are other clues in this thread... such as white paint... kinda makes me wonder if it's 9C1.

I've seen manual windows more often on 9C1 cars, I never knew it was even an option on civvy cars. And I would even find it more rare that someone would special order a civvy car with the no cost option group. Even the base civvy cars on lots always had power windows. It was something more common to fleet orders.

Pic of the SPID label?
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