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Introduction first: My name is Ray Miller. I am a retired 21 year veteran police officer of the Amherst, NY PD. I recently purchsed a 1995 Caprice 9C1 in as close to great condition as I would have ever expected. It came from central florida so I don't think salt or even salt spray will be deleterious to the longevity of the vehicle. I want to use it to really just bring back some of the good memories before a bad heart & lungs made me either get out or get handcuffed to a desk. I want to get a reproduction of the window sticker from when it was built. I have all the codes from the car; I have a printout of what each code means but the one thing that is quite elusive is what each item on the build list costs (as in an itemized way).
I have tried everything and keep hitting stone walls. I have to assume that I am not the first to lookfor such information, so I would bet it is out in cyberspace somewhere.
If anyone can help me, I'd be mighty grateful. BTW: the gentleman who prints up repro stickers only does civilian cars as he hasn't got the costs for any of the police package options.

Raymond A.Miller
Amherst NY PD (Ret.)

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From website:

Caprice 9C1 Options
RPO Code Descriptions Price
9C1 Police package $1,159
LT1 5.7L engine $325
QQG R4Y "V" Rated Goodyear P235/70R15 tires $64
6N1 Inside Driver Door Handle releases Lock $20
6C7 Auxiliary Dome Lamp $22
6J6 Rear Window (deck) Brake and Stoplamps $170
6J3 Flashing Headlamp (Wig-Wag) wiring provisions $80
T53 Alternating Flashing Trunklid Warning Lamps $225
8X3 Bilstien shocks $275
7X7 Dual Spotlamps $250
Grand Total $2,590

Let us know if you can make up stickers! Cool idea!
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