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If anyone is planning to go on the Hot Rod Power Tour next month I have reserved rooms along the entire route that I will be unable to use. Since I can't go on the tour I'd like to offer these to a forum member before I just cancel the rooms as they are fairly close to the venues and are all Choice Hotels (Quality Inn & Sleep Inn) locations. They will also qualify for the stay 2 nights get a $50 gift card promotion. That's basically $150-$200 in gift cards earned.

These rooms have NOT been paid for, just reserved. We'd have to call each location to switch the reservation. All locations I think are rated 3 Stars which is perfect for stays on the Power Tour in my opinion...and they all include breakfast.

Just throwing this out there as I have 2 weeks to cancel and they rooms will just go back up to open reservations. I imagine room options are getting scarce this close to the HRPT though.
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