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Need mechanic referral in Jacksonville, FL

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I need someone to install 3.73 gears in a 1996 Impala SS. Plus I have a short list of other less major repairs.

Also, do you know of any Impala SS activities or meets planned in NE Florida for 2012? Thanks. Paul
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I know a adequate certified mechanic that does it all for a good price and he's mobile I'm in Jax too and am looking for some caprice based events
Thanks for the help...

BowTie: Thanks for the reply. Mobile mechanic sounds great. A buddy recommended a good Chevy mechanic at Tommy Crowders on the Westside. He's putting in the rear gears and radiator this week. Car should be ready tomorrow. :D Let me know the other guy's nbr and I'll hold in to it.

KeemSS: Thanks for the heads-up on the Feb 25th event. :) We plan to be there with a running 96 SS. What can we bring?

His name is larry 904-253-4514 far from a shade tree mechanic maybe we can get up some time I live on the westside but I work pretty much all the time seems like but I already took of for the 25th I couldn't miss this event for the world
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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