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Hey guys. i'm doing an install on my 96 caprice and i'm stuck. Here's the good.

Working: remote start, parking lights, trunk, shock sensor, window roll up when armed

The bad:
Not working: power locks, horn honk, dome light supervision, window roll down on aux channel 1.

My car had no power options so i replaced my doors. Windows and door locks are directly hotwired.
on my previous alarm (prestige 997a) i was able to directly connect those options using the wire from the alarm or relays that had a positive(+) output... everything on this viper seems to have negative(-) output.....

i have no idea how to wire the relays to make these options work. I've done searches and the wiring charts have helped alot but none have pics of how to wire these relays. Anybody out there that could give some info on how to install these relays i would appreciate it.
After i install the above options I'll have 2 extra aux channels left so I'd also like to install pop door and illuminated headlights. How would those relays be wired?

thanks guys
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