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New 5 Color Buick Center Cap decals

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Here is my NEW 5 color Buick logo center cap decals
The fit on the stock Impala SS center cap. DO NOT REMOVE THE PLASTIC DISC
The decal fits right on the DISC inside the center cap.
$20 for a set of 4 decals plus shipping.
Shipping is $3-$6 depending on how fast you want them 1st class mail or Priority mail.
Here it is installed.
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Black background (circle)
Chrome outline
Red, Silver & Blue shields
Costs a little more than the 2 color set as there is more work for me to get the colors lined up.
Nothing to trim. Decal fits perfectly on the stock cap. Aftermarket chrome caps are a different story.... the disc can be slightly off or NO disc at all.
I make the decal in the picture that goes on the Impala logo on the center cap.
Yes I do sell the decals.
just email me
[email protected]

Those look just like the ones I bought off e bay last year. Did you have to trim them at all? Are you selling them? I would like to get another set as a spare.
Here is the 1st set I made Installed on Customers Car.....

By maximuss

By maximuss

By maximuss
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Yes From ME. I sell the decals for the center caps.
These are been selling pretty good
how durable are they ?
I use a 5 year outdoor vinyl.....
they dont wash off
I have been make vinyl graphics for the B-body since 2002.
there are several forum members that can vouch for my products......
Here is one of my several Happy customers....
read post #8....
do you make a decal that fits in the chrome center caps? i just got a set and they have no factory decal, just an empty spot.
obviously they would not be flush with the lip without the thicker factory decal under, but at least there would be something there...
Yes. the ones I have a designed to stick on top of the plastic disc in the center cap. If there is no disc then the hole is probably a little larger... Like a ROH wheel center cap.
Several of my customers got aftermarket chrome center caps and the hole is slightly larger than the stock hole as is the disc that is supposed to be in there. Most of my customers make a thick disc and place my decal on that disc.
I have been told by my customers that they make there discs out of plastic, metal, and glass (yes glass).
is this just s sticker that u stick over the old one. soorry if i didnt understand in your earlier posts. also could u make the factory impala ones but in the leapring deer in blue instead of gray? and can u add any names or writing??
Yes I make stock ones as well. I have 20+ colors to choose from.
I make them with a Deer, SS, bowtie.
I also make custom ones as well I have done these for customers.
B (red sox logo),
T (Tenn state logo),
3 (for Nascar fan)
and a few others I am forgetting
email me directly.....
[email protected]
I use a 5-7 year outdoor vinyl. My decals on my truck in the Florida sun last about 4-5 years before they start to crack. Florida sun out about 80% of the year.
Now if you garage the car they will last even longer.
$20 plus shipping is still good.
email me
[email protected]

Wondering if you still have these for sale? I bought a set off e-bay a few years ago and, while the color has held up well, the sticker is falling apart. Have you had any issues with yours? Is the the price of $20 still good?
Interested in a set. Paypal address?
PM sent
Yes I have done a few sets for IROC 22 inch wheels for a few forum members over the years. Just email me [email protected]

Can you make some with the chevy bowtie for the centers of the iroc wheels, mine measure about 55mm.
I need some impala decals for my 9c1 wheels
No problem.... YOu want Buick ones or Impala deer ones or something custom?
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