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New Cats = Louder?

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Hey guys, I just installed a pair of Cats earlier today (This and it's counterpart) and my car is significantly louder. I installed new o2 sensors with them (delco) and tightened everything down very well. Could it be that pretty much everything behind the cats is still stock? I am waiting for some more free time before I install my cat-back, but am wondering if this loud exhaust will diminish a little over time or change completely once the cat-back is installed?
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New cats will produce more of an "open" sound, esp if the ones you replaced were getting clogged up. Also, if you can run your hand close around the flanges and feel no leaks, maybe theres some unheard-until-now leaks in the rest of the stock exhaust, made louder with the new converters? Just throwing out ideas.:)
no leaks around headers. First thing I did was look there once I fired her up. It seems a little bit louder on my drivers side. I'm just wondering if this will get quieter once everything else gets installed.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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