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New guy-ls swapped twin turbo

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Long story short, I was twin turbo lq4 swapping a 94 9c1 caprice. Damn near done, but looking at all the rust really discouraged me. So flew to dallas and drove this 950 miles straight home.

The crapice had impala ss wheels, bigger sway bars, bilstiens, some sort of aftermarket lower control arms, and eibach lowering springs. Got that stuff on the fleetwood.

Here is the engine bay of the crapice. 2003 6.0 lq4 out of an 03 express van. Head studs only. On3 70mm turbos. Tial 44mm gates. Huge intercooler that was a prototype from a friends shop. 120lb injectors. Gonna run e85. Gotta get the rest of the crapice sold so I can get the fleetwood in the garage and engine in.

Should be a fun ride. Almost hate to pull this lt1 out, it runs so damn good. Gonna have a few questions about fleetwood specific stuff!!!!

Let me know what you think! Thanks!
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:D :cool:
Ford 9"

Installed with umi extended control arms (didn't realize the lowers were on backwards until I tried to mount the swaybar)

4" exhaust out the fender over 3 psi boost. Otherwise 3" out the back with a muffler

Passenger side wastegate dump. It has been redone to make more room for an air filter.

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Little more progress.

Redid passenger side wastegate dump to make room for air filter. Got the aluminum intake tube ready for welding.

Cutout will open via wastegate actuator at 3.5 psi

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runnig under its own power yet?
runnig under its own power yet?
No, its gonna be a bit. I still have to add the wiring for the 02, ait, and flex fuel sensors. Also there is no pick up tube installed.... Gonna finish the turbo stuff, and send it out for coating. Then pull the engine back out, clean it up and paint, and clean up the engine bay. Final assembly will be done at a friends place on a lift. Also have to do head studs, springs, and push rods. I see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it is very dim.
Ok. See ya next year! cwm4
A 1/3 of a year and weather's turning decent. Is DST lighting up that tunnel better? :D
any news on this thing? been a couple months already
Unfortunately not too much. Work has been slow, and trying to finish an f350 project that will get sold once its done. Caddy should be on the road this summer....
OK, so the car will be on the road THIS summer......

The car itself is pretty much done. The LY6 I had was no good. Got a fresh machined gen 4 5.3 .020 over block on the stand ready to put together.

Wiseco pistons
Eagle rods
Stock polished crank
LS2 intake
ID1700 injectors
Jakes 4l80e, billet 3000 stall

I was getting the axle flanges turned down for the c7 wheels, and one of them was bent. Sent the housing back to moser to get extended so I don't have to run spacers, and new axles made.

C6Z brakes are done with abs delete, new impala ss master, and wilwood prop valve. C6Z front seats, umi extended rear control arms.
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..., umi extended rear control arms.
Why extended on a FW? Skirt clearance is the only thing comes to mind unless it's because of the Ford rear.
Hey Just Checking In

A general updater would be great on this rig coming together. I'd love hearing a bit on your Nexus 7 install. I'll be doing that with the 'new' '96 I picked up last year. It's up to 65k miles now, so decided to enter this century with a tablet to replace the dying oem radio CD. ;)
It must be nice to have all the extra space for plumbing and intercoolers.
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