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NEW Jerry's sequential group purchase thread

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At the request of Jerry, I started a new thread for those interested in his kit. I emailed him and feels that it is perhaps too soon to offer another GP HOWEVER, if we can get at least 10 members onboard here, he can offer the same great deal from last time around.

$145 shipped to US addresses ONLY.

The proffered method of payment is Paypal. Any other method may take longer for your order to be processed.

Kits will be shipped as completed.

Here's the link to his product

And here's Thumps demo video

Lets get the ball rolling on this one. He may not offer a GP like this for a long while. I'm sure he will chime in here and he is the man to direct your questions and concerns to. I am merely the messenger.

Updated list as of 4/4 @ 9:05PM EST:

1. 96LT1GUY
2. ImpalaSSpeed96
3. redone 13
4. bigmike750
5. Chris96Coprice
6. imposster95
7. Nassim
8. KingsKrew
9. Norsk95SS
10. SSoreal
11. Marine Mike
12. Carlos (2 sets)
13. Stoney
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Good deal Brian. See I told you at least 4 members wanted to get a set. This is the best sequential kit out there. I'm glad my video on FB convinced some of you.

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How does this kit work if you upgrade to LED bulbs? Is the flash control independant of amperage load?
If you do LEDs they need resistors or it won't work properly

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Can you clarify payment? The original link above has the standard pricing.

I think when you check out you put $145 amount then in comments put Impala forum group buy

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Yes!!! Got mine today as well. Hopefully it won't take me 11 years to install the damn thing... ;)
It took me about 3 years after I got mine :banghead:

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Shipping the last of the kits Wednesday.

I'll keep the GP going for a few more weeks, probably till May 10th.

Thanks to all who purchased a kit now and over the past 10+ years!
Jerry THANX for building an excellent product for our cars! Also for the GP's you have done through out the years :thumbup:

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Well here was the one I had posted on FB
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