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New Jersey Impala Clubs...

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Are there any impala clubs around in New Jersey. I see all the clubs in Cali, Arizona, Georgia... I will like to become a member of a club in New Jersey. I live in the central part or jersey.

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Here you go....
Where in Jersey do you live?
new to the ss club, living in Camden County
essex county b body owner since '03.
Beasst is the NJ club. They always sponsor a ECIRS race every year, but I don't think they do too much. I just moved back, but didn't participate after I found the ECIRS club.
To Tiny311

POSSI has more than a few members from Camden County . . including their President . . .

They sponsored a car show benefiting the military in Blaclwood last year.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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