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Original Plan: SS Springs, Bilstein Sports, Poly bushings. No plan for any other modifications.

New Plan:
Hotchkis springs. The softer riding SS springs are a no go. I'm going for improved handling, not improved ride quality.
GW Rear LCA's. May as well do this. What have I got to lose besides a few hundred $$?
Del-a-lum bushingss. I'm lazy. The extra bucks will save me from lubing the poly bushings once a month or so. Besides... going back to a submarine has killed my available time for working on the car.
Bilstein Sports. The only thing that hasn't changed. I have yet to hear anything negative about these.
ZQ8 Jounce bumpers. Every extra little bit helps... and they'll only set me back $40 tops.

Any thoughts? Comments? Other recommendations.

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Originally posted by jayoldschool:
Check out the new arms from Kaotic Kustoms (vendor area). I just installed a full set of upper and lowers and they are great. Waaay less $ than GW too...
I've read the threads on those. The only thing holding me back there is that I want the Del-a-lum bushings as opposed to the poly bushings.

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Hey Jim, I would definately stick with the GW arms. I have Del-a-lums in the front (upper and lower) arms, and the rear LCA's. My car is still on jackstands, but I had a full set of GW bushings on my '71 Camaro and was very happy with them.

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While the Kaotic Kustoms parts look nice and stout, there is a difference between Poly and Del-a-lum (or lined spherical, which is what GW uses for the front bushings on their lower) bushings in performance.

In other words, it isn't an apples-to-apples comparison

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My car still on jackstands but:

My pile of parts includes the Global West pieces which are very nice quality... Some pics here: Parts Pics

Global West recently relocated [moved shop]within LA area but must be back up to speed because Steve sent me my upper control arms within one week of my phone call to him last week.

If you go with Global West bushings on the front & plan to have them installed by a shop, my advice is to contact Global West for their install prices. I really believe they are the best people to install their bushing products. I had two places try an install with less than great results before Global West "Steve" saved my butt...

Good Luck--George
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