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New rear 300mm brakes compatible with 91-96 caprice sedan (tested) and parking brake - successful completed!

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I developed new 10mm steel mounting plates to make possible use with modern trw calipers and parking brakes.
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Does wheel fits perfictly on axle without spacers? Yes!
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Left with metal clip, right - factory clip )

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Does it compatible with 15 inch wheel stock caprice wheel? Yes!
Does it possible to install bigger diameter brake disks? Yes!
Does this rear brake disks are vented? Yes!
How many parts are "non factory"? Mountig plates, one 14mm usual metal clamp
Bolts: all metric 10.9 including mounting to flange
Does leg parkinig brake works? ... Same as usual...
Parking brake clicks: AAAAAdjustable! 6~7 clicks.
Does all parts are domestic buying: Yes! Everywhere.
Do i have antoher same kind kit with bigger pads? Yes, for 17 inch impala wheel disks. There another bigger caliper with bigger brake pads.

How long i develops it? 1year 9months.
Is that so difficult to develop? Yes, very hard, but successfull work. This is all considering that I have a family with two small children.

I do not make brake bolt mod at this time.
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Did you have to machine the axle hub to get the rotors to fit?
I saw that you did machine them, I was asking if you had to. If that is the case, then some disassembly will be needed.
Interesting set-up, it's nice to be able to work on something from the comfort of your house.
1 - 3 of 65 Posts