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If those would fit inside 15" wheels, I'd be all for that kit and that's what I would've gone with. So far, the SSBC kit has served me well, and I've been beating the crap out of it daily. Those mounting plates are sturdy, and it looks like Vlad's mounting plates are even beefier. Even the brake bias has been surprisingly decent after I went with a 50/50 prop valve. I just wish it hadn't taken quite so much fiddling to get it working.

Ultimately I'm planning to go with a Moser Ford 9" rear end with Wildwood brakes anyways, so it's all kind of moot for me. Though I am still trying to decide which direction I'll go for my second wagon... 馃榿
I have two brackets:
First for r15 wheels (r15 and higher.) 41mm piston.
Second for r17 (r17 and higher) - vw phaeton with bigger caliper and 42mm piston.
All of them uses 300mm brake disk.

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While I applaud you for making this, while you were planning, I and others had no idea you where trying to bring this to market.
I thought you were a guy on the other side of the planet trying to work with what was available to you.

Unfortunately, there really is no market that I see.
You can still hunt down the production rear brakes with , IMHO, the far superior separate caliper and park brake.
They fit 15" wheel cars, have a better piston bore for this dia brake rotor and stock front brakes.

If a person wanted to use the park brake in caliper setup , there are many , many GM 10 bolt-12 bolt car kits already out there for dirt cheap to reasonably priced to expensive.

( cheap universal ) ( edit, not recommending this kit, just pointing out how cheap the stuff is )

Pretty much any of them will fall on the Caprice sedan after you re drill 5x 127 and 3.07 register.

The wagons, yes they are unique but the solutions are out there.

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This kit with 42mm brake cylinder and for r17 impala wheels.
Here bigger pads unlike r15 kit.

As i know most modern merceders glk, gle, gl use 42mm rear brake cylinder.
The stock 94-96 caprice/impala rear brakes are with 54mm brake cylinder

Wood Circuit component Flooring Electrical wiring Font

In USA most usual and preferable inch bolts and nuts?
Here is all metric bolts.

for me it no longer makes a difference which rear brakes are glued to the caprice )

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Interesting set-up, it's nice to be able to work on something from the comfort of your house.

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Yes, this my hobby as possible. You misthinking about comfort and work.
1.6 years of work to do this setup from total zerro in parts and knowledge.
Now i can take any caliper and make mounts, but... the best way is take all parts together simultaneously for best result.
Money, money, money...

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In post 54, looks like the bleeder is pointing downwards and not at the top. Does this allow full bleeding?
Anyway - yes, but not trying. It possbile unscrew lower guide caliper bolt, rotate caliper to desired position, insert tool for unscrewing and disassembling brake cylinders, fix it in thrust to do not let the brake cylinder come out of the caliper and start bleed so long as wanted.
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