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After 87K miles, the rear springs on my 92 Caprice were shot and my car was dragging its ass. SSoMad was nice enough to hook me up with some Moog cargo progressive rate springs. The install wasn't too bad. Just me in the driveway with a 2-ton jack and two jack stands and I did it in about an hour. Never having done this before, I credit the helpful tips from many individuals on this board, and for that I thank you all. The ride height is noticable higher, but not jacked up looking. It actually looks more agressive. The ride comfort and handling are much improved. During the install I noticed something very disturbing. One of the tires has a split on the inside of the sidewall around the entire circumference of the wheel. I don't know what was holding it together, but it looked like it was ready to let go. Check your tires and if anyone wants some install tips, let me know.

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