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NEW, Revised, Updated, TCE 14.25" Front BBK

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Hi Everyone!

Pleased to let you all know that there is now a 'new' TCE front Big Brake Kit for your ride! Replacing the former 14" SL6 FNSL6 front kit is the all new 14.25" W6A kit.

The W6A combined with the slightly larger discs provide both a modest increase in brake torque as well as stunning 'big' brake looks. Side by side the W6A is a striking caliper with at 1.5" taller and housing nearly 20% more cubic inches of pad material.

The new Front Kit will weigh a tad more but still fit most 18" and larger wheels. Body to spoke specs will be updated soon but of course this size caliper will require a bit more room. The W6A comes in pre applied powder coat finish or optional nickel plating. It's mounted to the TCE supplied radial mount bracket and like the other kits; comes with all the trimmings.

Take it to a new level! A limited inventory of parts is in stock now and I should have complete systems able to ship within two weeks. (also headed out on a vacation next week..)

As shown for use on the C6 Corvette here's a pic of what we're building now.


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