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I think I'm going to go with the bilstein 0929/1104 and the Vogtland springs. What else should I worry about when I do this? Bushings? Ball Joints? I'd like to get all the work done in one shot. I was thinking bumpstops but I am not sure what I need..front/rear, upper/lower ??? I'm a mechanical newb!

I'm also going to be doing brake pads and having my calipers painted. Planning on buying some steel brake lines as well.

I just want to make sure I don't overlook something.

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Im going with the same exact shocks and spring setup. Im overhauling my whole suspension.

Here is my parts list:

F-Body Front sway Bar
B-Body Performance Rear Sway 1 5/16"
Bilstien 0929/1104's
Vogtlands springs
zq8 Bumpstops
new rubber Body Bushings
Rustic Front end kit
BMR rear upper and lower control arms

I think thats about it. :D Were you planning on doing the whole suspension or just the shocks aprings and front end?

If you just want to freshen up your front end without replacing it, grease it and also get new control arm bushings, body bushings as yours may be worn out, and sway bar bushings and well basically any bushings for the front end. It all depends what your goals are. Are you trying to redo the whole suspension? Or just freshen up some of it, and if so what parts?

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I was thinking that poly bushings would be better? I might be ordering from Rustic since he's on the forum. I'm going to wait on the swaybars, money doesn't grow on trees!

I'm doing suspension/brakes before I do anything else so I really want to do it right the first time.

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I've got Vogtlands with Monroe SS's on my '95.

One thing I'll add, have some new isolators on hand for the job.
I did mine on a Sunday so I couldn't get parts and my isolators were basically gone, so I put the car together without any. It was low enough in the front that the front tires rubbed at every bump.

I ordered a set of the thicker poly isolators from Energy Suspension, had to take the springs back out to install them, of course. But since they've been in I haven't had any rubbing issues.

On the rest of it, inspect the front suspension and steering components to see if anything is worn out, and replace what needs replacing. The parts that aren't worn just give some grease and leave them in there. On mine I had to replace both LBJ's, some tie rods, center link, etc. before it would hold the alignment, so you have to get all that in order to get it aligned, which should be done as soon as the new springs and components are in.

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Thanks. This is what I need to hear. I don't want to have to do anything twice. Since I don't have my own tools or garage (relying on the help of friends) I want to make it as easy as possible on them. I think I may just order a whole front end rebuild because my steering is a bit wobbly and not too responsive. May have to do the steering box too?

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has sixty suggested new bushing isolator for the springs would be nice to swap as well, i did not swapped them and I regret..

also with this drop order the zq8 bump strop ( of a s10 truck) you wont regret this...they are for the front only there is no bump stop for the rear

if your thinking about ball joint, switch the tie rod in/out as well and maybe the idler arm while your at it ( moog are great )

AND a new alingment for the car for even tire wear

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yea with dal or any dealership could have those ( they are not that expensive)

just ask for the bump stop off an s10 or the zq8 model

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Where can I find these isolaters??? how do you install them??? Should you do the fronts and rears??? Does anybody have a part number for these???

This is the first time I have heard someone suggest changing this part out with a new spring/shock/zq8 install, can someone shed some light for me please.

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Originally posted by ChevyPusha:
Where can I find these isolaters??? how do you install them??? Should you do the fronts and rears??? Does anybody have a part number for these???
Sources? Part number? Cost?
Already got the Monroe SS, going with Vogtlands and HO bars real soon!
Thanks a ton

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9.6101G - front 3/8" insolator
9.6120G - front 5/8" insolator
3.6110G - rear

Note: The "G" suffix indicates black. If you want red, change that letter to "R."

I got mine at Summit Racing

Installing them, for me, consisted of getting the front springs back out, positioning the new isolators on top of the springs, then put it all back together.
I only did the front on mine, the rear doesn't seem to need them like the front did.

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Originally posted by chicagoareabmx:
Are the front isolators top and bottom specific, and thats why theyre different sizes?
No, one set is just thicker than the other.
I opted for the thicker ones because I had some pretty bad rubbing going on.
Isolators install in the top of the springs.
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