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New SScene w/ parts list

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This was one of the best issues for me at the most timely.

I had a leak at the oil filter relocator and knew I needed a gasket..I was going to call Dal without a p/n, which we all do anyway, but now I know what I need and only need to get confirmation from him now.

Everyone is doing a GREAT job with ISSCA and the SScene.

Excellent work everyone.
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I can't help but throw in my $.02 worth on one part of this thread. I know from discussions I've had with Chris, if every region sent in one update, and every club sent in one article, he would have the type of raw material to fill the mag with a wider variety of articles.

Please help with this. Make this magazine yours (that's what it is meant to be) I'm sure Chris would like to have so much stuff he can get ahead in his layout work!

Thanks for the bandwidth.....

Bob Fandetti
ISSCA Secretary
Direcor, Region 9
Ok here goes. First of all, Tully's bro's name is Trevor. It gets annoying being referred to as another's sibling. I know, I have a sister. Give credit to each person as himself.

I know centerfolds are supposed to be the best of the best, the cream of the crop....blah blah blah....

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that some, if not most of us love to see cars in different flavors. Sure, it's always nice to see a superquick megabuck BBB Impala gracing a centerold, but how about the rest of the B-bodies?

I read on the first page that Trevor's RM was the best set of pics on Chino's Digital Camera. But should we always just wait for the Camera? I thought the RM was there on purpose, to support the other B-bodies too?

In fact right after I heard about the RM centerfold, I thought that the magazine was equally for all B-bodies. On that thought, I just wrote a check to JOIN the ISSCA. Yes, NEW MEMBER based on that one RM centerfold.

I have 2 Fleetwoods and an RM. Yes I admit the Impala is a badass car, I even wanted one before I bought the RM. In fact, I was probably into the Impala before some of you guys. But I also love to see other cars included as well. Did I just waste my 40 bucks? Will I ever see a non-Impala in the magazine I just subscribed to? We love variety. That's why Costco is going on strong. Long live all the B and D bodies. let's see them all.
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But I also love to see other cars included as well. Did I just waste my 40 bucks? Will I ever see a non-Impala in the magazine I just subscribed to? We love variety.
All I can tell you is that we will try to provide as much variety as possible. Trust me when I say that it's much more fun for me to mix things up when ever possible.

And... thanks for joining and welcome aboard. I have also wanted to start a "new member" section of the mag... so if you've got a shot of yourself and your car, send them in!!!
Roupin,Welcome aboard as well.Can`t wait to see the pics of your car.Have a website or links with pics?Welcome again to ISSCA. :D
Well I just got my membership kit today incl. the infamous RM centerfold. Why did I join ISSCA? B/C as far as I can tell there are NO car clubs @ Pensacola, FL and they put out a bi-monthly magazine! I'm really disappointed to hear that the idea for reader's rides was stopped. I was going to suggest that until I got further down the thread. I truly hope that ISSCA is not going away anytime soon, I just got my first mag!
Welcome aboard, Cerveza!

No worries, ISSCA intends to be around for awhile. Put together a story on your car--you never know what could happen!
Thanx Bill,

I might just do that. She's not pretty, but I'm not done yet!
I don't want everyone to think that I have given up on "readers rides"... it's just that in the last 6 months I haven't gotten any that I can use. If anyone wants their car in the mag, all they have to do is send it to me.
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