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Hey Gurus, I'm installing a higher quality deck and speakers and need some info. I've never played around with SQ before but I feel the need. I've managed to scrounge up some new and used components and need help figuring where to put things. I found some speaker pods at "Customspeaker pods".com. Has anyone used these?

I have two amps. They are a Genesis Compact4 that's been factory modded and biasing is closer to class A. I also have a Genesis Profile 5 amp. The speakers that I have are a
JL Audio shallow subwoofer. 10TW3-D4
Stereo Integrity TM 65 mid bass
HAT L3 Pro mids
Morel MW4 mid/mid bass.....whatever
Dyneaudio MD102 Tweeters.

What speakers would you put where? Would I need both amps and are passive crossovers OK or should I try to go active. What cmp power requires the use of a larger alternator. Ours is a 140 right now.....I think. What have you all used and where do I need to go and what the Hell is this newfangled DSP that people are talking about. If my amps have band pass crossovers and I go active would I even need one. Thanks for any help.
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