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I was gonna put fosgate HPC 6.5 in front and 6*9 in back, off of a power 551x, and a single hx2 off of a 501bd but I coudnt find the 6*9 so now i'm gonna go ahead and get all MB Quarts.
Let me know what you think.
front: reference rce216 (6.5 components)
rear: discus dke169 (6*9 coaxial two-ways)
subs: 2 reference rwe252 (10" sub)
4-channel amp: fosgate power 551x
sub amp: fosgate power 501bd

so i have the speakers getting 80 rms each and the subs 320 rms each.

anyone have experience with amping the last model mb quart's? if so, how much power could you put to the reference 6.5 components? the discus 6*9? the reference 10" subs?

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