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Brand new, 304SS gen1 tri-y headers with brand new 1996-style - 2x O2 bungs- high-flow cat converters (I could be convinced to include 2 cat delete pipes instead). These HAVE the EGR fitting but are AIR delete. Came from Focuztech before they went belly-up, retailed for over $1700 + shipping. I don't think CIA will be running 304SS gen1 tri-ys unless they get a huge order. If you daily drive your car in the North you do NOT want coated mild steel. The mild steels WILL rust (search...), and only 1 recoat is covered in the "lifetime" warranty. T304 will outlive you and your car.

I bought these from Illmatic96SS over a year ago, but have not required them as I culled the herd. I don't plan on getting another b-body so it's time to let these go. The photos are from when I bought them. The only change in appearance is that I painted the outside of the cats black with bbq paint. They are still brand new, never even test fitted.

Stan's headers is having a GP on headers. However, 304 SS headers are not / NOT included. To sway anyone considering buying a set of coated mild steel, I'm offering this set at $1350 w/ cats while the GP is on ! This is significantly cheaper than buying new.

Price excludes shipping. I can also bring the headers to Wagon Fest for pickup.

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