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1995 V4P Fleetwood
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Proudly posting about my new hitch for the Fleetwood; my V4P is now officially able to do what it was built for! It's been quite the journey as I looked for a bolt on option but DrawTite stopped making their B/D body one and I could not find it anywhere.

I was able to find a class II hitch with the smaller receiver, but thanks to some shipping delays months ago I cancelled and went a different route. I contacted a local welding shop who was happy to custom fabricate me a hitch. We decided on a setback distance for the receiver tube and they were able to weld the braces and bars to the existing "rear brace" that ties the rear frame horns together from the factory.

Happy to post photos if anyone is interested, I was just looking forward to sharing the news as I continue my D body addiction.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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