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I just got my new braces installed that tie the front upper and lower CA mounting points together. My car was the "fit vehicle" for this effort by Dick Miller Racing. It's nice knowing I played a part, however small, in Impala SS history.

The shop, Advanced Chassis in Antwerp, OH, did a fine job--the braces have a nice black powder coat finish. They tell me factory '60s big blocks from GM had an equivalent stamped brace, but these are MUCH sturdier, made from chrome moly tubing. Under high (drag racing) torque loads, the upper control arm mounting point at the frame will acually bend, therefore the need for this brace.

I also had them box the differential end of my BMR stock lenght uppers. That's the way theirs are designed, and one of my diff bushings was already showing signs of distress and deformation. I'm pleased, they seem like a good group to work with.

Well, now that the rear end can take it, I just need that 500 Ft. lb. torque monster up front!

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