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1995 caprice classic wagon
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Hello everyone! I just purchased a 1995 caprice classic wagon earlier this year and love it! I have been using the info on the forum for months now and the amount of good and solid Information on here is amazing. I already upgraded the shocks and did the bump stop mod. Replaced the plugs and trying to find time to do the wires and cap and rotor. I really enjoy driving the wagon and I'm glad I have a hot rod that has enough seats for the whole family.

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Now that said , while you typically " never " see pillar spots on cars that not public service cars , I not sure it is written in stone that the lamps couldn't be ordered.
I believe the forum did come across an Impala with spots that was an ex sheriff's car.
Can't remember if they were on the spid or not.
Lots of wagons were " work " cars as there were only 154 1A2s in our year.
Love to see your spid if you are willing.
Looks to be the same color as mine.
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