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I got a few quick questions for you wheel people out there -- I'm new to wheels and don't even know where to begin looking for them, what good brands are, or what good prices are for them.
First question: I just dropped $900+ on new tires (275/40/17) Firehawks ... so I need to know what size rim I should be looking for to fit these tires ... 17x9 ?? or would they be too wide?
I definitely want chrome (bling bling, ya know ;) ) and something that will bolt right up w/ no problems. Any suggestions?
Also can anyone point me to where I can veiw the various styles of wheels ... and since don't know what good brands are out there can you fill me in on some reputable brands ... I don't want to get any cheapo's.

I'd prefer to buy from a dealer that posts on this forum and contributes to the impala community. (Feel free to email off forum)
Please post any information that may help me here ... again I'm new to this and don't even know where to begin looking. Also, I guess that the size of rim I need is also pretty important and bolt pattern. Thanks a ton for any info ...

Oh, here is a link of the style that interests me ...

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I'm not a real Rim-specialist eather,but look at you know this site but I got mine from them.You can search on car,brand and wheelsize.Good luck!

Just another Caprice lover............from Holland!
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