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Sorry if it's already been asked numerous times before (not really) ;) , but I'll ask again.

I just got my Caprice LT1. It is a civi, and I'm ready to start the mods. The first thing I want to do is lower it and tighten the suspension. I'm hoping some of you can give me some advice. I'm looking for cheap, but good. Is that possible?? I want to do everything correctly, but I'm not looking to make it a show car or anything. I don't need the best on the market, but I don't want junk, and I will not rig anything. I just wnat a good quality, affordable product. How hard are they to install?

Any recomendations? low should I go? I don't want a low rider, but I would like her to sit comfortably low to the ground.

P.S. I do plan on upgrading to 20" wheels sometime in the near future.

Thanks in advance ......I'v e got plenty of questions...I'm sure you guys got all the answers. :cool:

P.S.S what are, if any, some easy fixes/mods I should do right away? (K&N air filter, etc.)


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That's a very broad question. I will assume you want springs, shocks, sway bars and rear control arms. If this is the case you can buy a whole kit from Hotchkis or BMR (except the shocks) or you can piece a kit together.

The 2 most popular shocks are Bilstien (2 levels to chose from) and QA1-Hal (adjustable and expensive)

Do a search on each item or each company and you will have plenty of stuff to read!!! ;)

I may also recommend tubular front control arms :cool:
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