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Information from the New Mexico Board Meeting

Following are excerpts from the New Mexico ISSCA Board Meeting, the minuets have recently been approved and the appointments have been accepted.

As one of his first official duties, President Harper made the following assignments of appointed officials:

1. Parliamentarian - Rick Williams
2. Sergeant-at-Arms - Dave Breiner
3. Publisher - Harvey Clark
4. Editor - Chris Nickell
5. Technical Editor - Gerry Massie
6. Photo Editor - Chino Barreto
7. Webmaster - Dave Wilson
8. Public Relations Officer - Rick (Highway) Matthews
9. Historian - vancant
10. National Head Car Show Judge - Larry Hall
11. National Drag Racing Steward - Karl Ellwein
12. National Road Racing Steward - Dave Valentine
13. National Autocross Racing Steward - Todd Stranczek

Congratulations to all the Appointees and thank you for volunteering your time and effort to the success of ISSCA.

Additionally duties for the up coming Mountain MadneSS were assigned to the following Directors:

Registration - Paul Roswell
Site Preparations - Gerry Massie and Clay Micheau
Communications and Transportation - Dodie Sheffield
Vendor Relations - Rick Matthews and Rick Williams
Entertainment and Special Events - Gene Zebley
Security - Dennis Wishon and Dave Breiner
Timing and Scoring - Rick Matthews
Road Racing - Bob Fandetti
Drag Racing - Dave Wilson
Auto Crossing - Harvey Clark
Car Show - Jay Johnson and Ed Amado

Directors will be looking for volunteers to help make Mountain MadneSS a success if you have an interest in any areas contact the director in charge and let them know you’re available.

Rick Matthews
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