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Nitpick question.......

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I was looking over the Vehicle Classification form and had a question. In the final gear ratio change you state "Final gear ratio change less than 20% from stock (e.g. 3.42)" is 2 points, but "Final gear ratio change more than 20% from stock (e.g. 3.73)" is 3 points. Which gear ratio is this and how is the transmission taken into consideration? With my t56 and 4.10 gears, I am still less than 20% final gear ratio in first gear compared to stock. So would that be 2 points or 3 points against me? I am already in the "Modified" class by 2 points so this would have no effect on me, but it might matter to somebody else.

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It's based on rear gears, so you'd be 3 points.

You don't plan on running the road course in 6th gear now, do you???? :D

Note that the tranny itself also counts for points now.
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