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I have finally figured that after some simple bolt-ons. The only other get fast mod I can budget is "THE JUICE". Now, I'm a rookie at this so would I have to do any preventive mods or would I just slap it on my stock LT1??? Any info is greatly appreciated :cool:

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I'm doing the same thing....
Parts include:
NOS 58mm nitrous TB with built in juice bars
part # 20360
Holley Annihilator 800-210 ignition:
Dual rev limiters - 1 for stage 1 for RPM
Dual Window Switches
Built in Timing retard
The thing is a one box wonder that's digitally programmable!
24lb injectors or highers (haven't decided which ones yet)
Walbro 340 in tank fuel pump.
Hobbes low fuel pressure switch
ATPSS TPS switch full throttle switch
NOS 5176 dry kit.
The plan is to install the dry kit through the 58mm TB and put a rubber hose over the nitrous line to hide it. Put the nitrous solenoid (any reason I can't put the solenoid next to the bottle to hide it in the trunk???) behind the motor to hide it and run the nitrou line in the frame. Hopefully I can skip the external NOS in line fuel pump and just use the Walbro 340 fuel pump. The Annihilator ignition will control everything once it's safe (hobbes switch) and full throttle (ATPSS switch) after it's armed (rocker switch inside).

We'll see how it goes.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by 4DRHTRD:
Put the nitrous solenoid (any reason I can't put the solenoid next to the bottle to hide it in the trunk???) behind the motor to hide it and run the nitrou line in the frame.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Mike CompuCar's Nitrous in a bag kit has the solenoid mounted in the bag right by the bottle. It doesn't hit as hard, but it still puts out a strong shot.

However, I thought dry kits usually spray at the MAF so that it can compensate for the extra fuel needed? How will your set-up know when to add more fuel and how to meter it??

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The NOS kit has a provision to increase fuel pressure. Here's a quote from quote:</font><HR>" TARGET=_blank>[url]
[/url] The nitrous pressure regulator is also known as "The blue tower" or more formally as
"That little blue thingamajigger"

My car went from running 13.4's on the motor at about 106 to running tractionless 12.6's at 115.5mph. Got some ET Street tires from Mickey Thompson to help the traction bit. Should go 12.2's at about the same mph.

I got some good news and bad news for you. The good news is your problem with stuttering when the juice is turned on is gone.... The bad news is that it could very well come back. I had the same problem but I have corrected the problem without buying new fuel injectors.

I too had the same problem with the shitheads at NOS not being able to help. Their training is complete once they tell you to get new plugs..... PLUGS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH IT (except don't run platinum, whatever you do). The problem with my system was stuttering when the nitrous was injected. Stuttering so bad in fact that motor power was completely cut off when I hit the juice. The car would nose over like I just slammed on my brakes. Well after scratching my head with one of my friends, who is a long time nitrous user, we reasoned It had to be a fuel delivery problem.... NO fuel + Nitrous = No POWER..... BIG BOOM. Thank god that didn't happen....

Well the real problem that I think even you were having is with that little Nitous Pressure Regulator (the little fucking blue thingie in between the solenoids). If you take that thing apart it is made up of two pieces.... a plunger and a spring.. Well the spring kind of keys you off that this is a moving unit.. Well we took this thing apart on a hunch that it might be the problem. Trying to get the plunger out of the cap once you unscrew it was a pain in the ass. How can this be if this thing is supposed to move? Well it moves to give you extra fuel pressure when the nitrous is flowing. If it doesn't move, then you get no extra fuel pressure. Well we took the plunger out and used some vaseline on the two o-rings that are in it (especially the big one) and put it back together. Well after we did that we took the car out for a drive and WHEN I HIT THE JUICE IT WAS LIKE I HAD TWICE THE HORSES I USED TO HAVE!!!! I have not had a problem since and I still have the stock fuel injectors. If my fuel injectors haven't locked up from the extra pressure then chances are yours shouldn't of either.

This problem with the pressure regulator can be intermittent if the plunger unbinds itself giving you the assumption that whatever you did differently fixed the problem... WRONG! It just works one day and doesn't work the next. I went through 2 different coils, a set of plug wires, countless plugs, and 3 different MSD boxes before I figured out all I needed was some vaseline. Amazing what you can do with a little bit of vaseline.....

Like I said, I haven't had ONE problem since I lubed up that O ring on that pressure thingamajigg and it has worked like a charm. And please add me to the juicehead list so that if anyone else has this problem they can let me know and maybe we can tell NOS they should rebuild those fucking pieces of **** so they work better.

happy SQUEEZING!!!!

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