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NO MORE SStreetlights

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This is from another site:::::

of 12/31/09 the line of SStreetlight headlamps will no longer be produced.

FTP has decided to discontinue manufacturing the SStreetlight line of projector headlamps for the 91-96 Caprice and Impala SS. I personally want to thank all customers who have purchased and enjoyed one of the best headlamp systems on the market.

Some replacement parts will still be available. However I would recommend purchasing any repalcement parts now prior to the end of the year.

The molds for all the plastic as well as any marketing rights are for sale. Please contact Mike Turner via email if you are interested.

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Uh-oh, that's no good. I need to hurry up and get my 2nd set.
hopefully street trends will pick it up.
hopefully street trends will pick it up.
I hope someone does, because it's not like we have many headlight options as it is.
I just saw this in the FT news letter I get. They must not have been selling well. Or FT wants some fast cash for another project. Or FT is shifting away from the Impala/Caprice crowd. Or they have something better! Highly unlikely tho.
But it needs to be. This is a significant event.
this sucks... only gonna jack up the up price more... Did mike list the cost of replacement parts? or will he list the parts he used, (projectors, inverter, rings)so that we can get em elsewhere?
DAMN! good thing i got a pair..i do need to buy a new lense tho cuz my driver side is yellow as piss.
Well that sucks!
O well, maybe its a good thing that i can't blow $600+ on some headlightscwm4
Hmmmmm. I wonder what the cost is for the molds? I already know there's a market! Or maybe not...that's why he's selling.?!

does anyone know what happened to the smoked headlight set that street trendz was selling? theyre gone too :(
Pretty sure he was trying to sell sometime ago as well. Too rich for my blood regardless.

Didn't you all get the memo? The B Body game is OVER...hence the forum crash and everyone selling their SS Impalas for Chargers. :D
Oh ****!!!!!
I gotta buy some SOON!!!
I full well plan on getting another B-Body next year!!
does anyone know what happened to the smoked headlight set that street trendz was selling? theyre gone too :(

There not just keep clicking next there on the last page
hopefully street trends will pick it up.
i think streettrends has a set for slae. but their version cost $1000, i dont think any headlights should be worth that much.
Thinking about getting rid of mines for nice stock replacements,maybe the hood too_Of course some cash would be in the deal.
I'd venture that the market is near dead hence the sale of the molds. Considering I can buy a running b-body in the 500-1000 range, it's hard to justify that price just for a set of headlights.

but that's just me. I'd LOVE a set they look great,but.....
which makes no sense seeing as how whoever buys the mold will have to sell them for a higher price to make up the this sucks no matter the reason.
Perhaps we could set up a GP on the last run... Somebody wanna spearhead that?
that is freakin genious!!!!!!!!!

im with the group buy!!!!!
1 - 20 of 53 Posts
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